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Post  Rune on Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:42 am

Name: Grim R. Levy

Age: 19

Race: Human/Grim Reaper

Personality/Ideals: Grim is cold and silent in almost every situation. His collected behavior is perfect for fights though as he is hardly ever surprised. Grim is merciless to his enemies.

Family/Relationships: Mother

Weapon: Water, Darkness, and Sins

Ability: His body is completely water.

Weaknesses: Electricity and Light

Background: Grim was born an Elemental, a person with total mastery over an element, but he was not living in the same world the Elementals came from. He obtained the Elemental status after being connected to the world. Grim's Mother was sick from the power of a powerful demon, and Grim exchanged her memories of him in order to save her. Since then, Grim has been under Zyra's care.

Habits: Ignoring people

Likes: Books
Dislikes: Noise

Other: Grim wears a hood every time he's outside.


Grim R. Levy GrimRLevy

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Grim R. Levy Empty Sins

Post  Rune on Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:23 pm

Grim is in possession for seven demons known as the Seven Sins. Each one is housed within a gem that represents them. The Sins have been known to be able to fuse together as well, or as for Pride, level up.


Name: Pride (Human Name: Violet Carrion)

Jewel: Gold

Ability: Control of Darkness

Weapon: Hands

Rank: Leader of Sins

Likes: Playing the Piano
Dislikes: Everyone

Personality: Narcissist

Other: Pride was originally human unlike the other Sins


Grim R. Levy Pride


Name: Envy

Jewel: Emerald

Ability: Form of The Killed

Weapon: Himself

Likes: Playing games
Dislikes: Flowers

Personality: Devious

Other: Envy can transform into anyone he has killed. He gains their memories and abilities upon killing them as well.


Name: Anger

Jewel: Amethyst

Ability: Convert Rage into Electricity

Weapon: Hook and Lightning

Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Posers

Personality: Varies on Mood

Other: Anger's weapon is a grappling hook connected to the back of her neck by a black wire. She can control it through thought.

Appearance: Female, tall, short purple hair


Name: Avarice

Jewel: Ruby

Ability: Reaping

Weapon: Scythe and Book of Life

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Personality: N/A

Other: Avarice lives to reap the souls of anyone written in his Book of Life. He cares about nothing else.

Appearance: a cloaked skeleton


Name: Lechery

Jewel: Sapphire

Ability: N/A

Weapon: Six Large Various Weapons

Likes: Females
Dislikes: Men

Personality: Funny

Other: Lechery always seems to laugh at anything.

Appearance: a giant skeleton with wings and six arms


Name: Sloth

Jewel: Diamond

Ability: Creator of Demons

Weapon: Size and Drool

Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Personality: ... Slow

Other: Sloth hardly ever moves.

Appearance: A giant, very giant, giant with bad breath and a drooling problem.


Name: Gluttony

Jewel: Garnet

Ability: Devour

Weapon: Large Arms and Tongue

Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Anything that tastes bad

Personality: One-Track Mind

Other: Gluttony's tongue is pitch-black and alive as it moves on its own accord.

Appearance: A large ball with big arms and a face.

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