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Post  Ivy rose on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:05 pm

Name: Ivy rose

Age: 15

Race: Human/demon

Appearance: Ivy has shoulder length black hair with red streaks. Her eyes are a wicked shade of red and her skin is a nice tan color. She is 5'2 tall and wears an all black outfit with a black hooded cloak.

Personality/Ideals: Ivy has a laid back personality. She is very poetic (in a way) and a book nerd. Ivy is a terribly good actor, therefore taking on many persona when traveling. The real her is more depressing and sad.

Family/Relationships: Parents are deceased.

Weapon: Ivy is a weaponry master. Her preferred choice of weapons are her Katana, guns and daggers.

Ability: Ivy can create a weapon out of dark matter. She has an affinity for darkness.

Weaknesses: Light, sun, bright areas

Background: Ivy was orphaned at the age of 8. Witnessing the murder of her mother(human) at the hands of her father (demon). From then on, Ivy took on her parents habit of thievery. Mastering weapon after weapon to prepare herself. Later on becoming one of the best and most successful thieves. At the age of 12, Ivy had found her father and brutally murdered him. She is now known as the World's Best Thief and is wanted for over a million dollars.

Habits: Robs libraries of her favorite books and stops at every candy store she sees.

Likes: Books, sugar, tea
Dislikes: When books are being mistreated and seeing children abandon.

Other: Ivy created creatures out of dark matter called, "Hell Hounds."
Ivy rose
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