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Post  Emna on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:01 am

Name: 'Lace' Ran Sazuki

Age: 20

Race: Chinese

Appearance: Shes a very small girl. Ran has black hair made into a princess cut, its about as long as her lower back. She has sharp red eyes and very fringed black eye lashes. She sometimes wears make-up, but most often at night.

Personality/Ideals: She has a very business like personality for the most part, with no frills or real charm to her. Even though shes a caring person, her gruff persona takes hold most times. Shes polite, and quite, but prone to small acts of kindness, even though she looks a bit uncaring an aloof. She really likes cloths and fashion, and like western styles as much as Eastern ones, though shes prone to putting lace and western jewelry onto her oriental style clothing she wears at home (when going out she has to wear a dress).

Family/Relationships: Has both parents living in London, with two older brothers working in various trades. Though its acknowledged that Ran is the family's 'muscle'.

Weapon: She uses Fire Alchemy, but has some

Ability: Fire

Weaknesses: Water, pollen, and human weaknesses in general.

Background: Her father is a Chinese merchant who brought his family over to England (this happened when she was six). Her family - despite being fairly wealthy - institutes a hard work ethic in all three childern, only giving them presents and cloths on their birthdays and other holidays - that is until; they because adults. Ran lives on her won in a small flat, working as her fathers messenger and plans to take over the company some day, even in the shadow of a husband. (despite what her father and others might think about it).

Habits: she only smokes when shes nervous, and she bits at the butts very hard.

Likes: red/blonde hair, fashion of any kind, lace, things she deems as 'cute', and kittens/puppies.
Dislikes: dirty places, rats, humid weather, rude people, and water.

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