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Post  Rune on Sun Jun 13, 2010 10:31 am

Name: Raven

Age: 21

Race: Human


Personality/Ideals: Tends too be way to calm about things and only acts if he's interested.

Family/Relationships: None

Weapon: Dolls

Ability: Can discharge electricity

Weaknesses: Can't stand dirty places

Background: Orphaned as a child, Raven was raised by an elderly man. When Raven was ten years old, the elderly man died, leaving Raven with the house. Raven burned the house to the ground and started to wander around aimlessly. He wears an eye-patch even though he still retains both of his eyes.

Habits: Making tea no matter the situation

Likes: Skyscrapers, the sky, and tea
Dislikes: Dirt, rocks, and old people

Other: Raven's right eye is the source of his electric ability. Raven also carries around 4 dolls each implanted with a piece of his ability. He controls all four of them through his power. The dolls are:

Rachelle (Hair: Long Blue)
Ability: Can absorb energy and convert it to electricity.
Misc. Info: Likes to jump

Milly (Hair: Short Orange)
Ability: Can communicate with the other dolls and Raven via his electricity.
Misc. Info: Is always with Raven no matter what

Lisa (Hair: Long Red)
Ability: Can project electricity inside her into various objects
Misc. Info: Likes to run

Keran (Hair: Short Black)
Ability: Creates electromagnetic fields

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