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Post  Emna on Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:44 pm

Name: Jack Bridesmith

Age: 25

Race: human-vampire

Appearance: very full slicked back black hair that he attempts to keep out of his eyes by keeping it this way, the attempt works for the most part. A very pale and gaunt guy with big very dark blue eyes. He wears glasses and dresses plainly. Hes tall; 6'5.


Personality/Ideals: He's always considered to be a nice guy.
(no other file information has been broached on this subject)

Family/Relationships: He has two very old parents living in London's outskirts.

Weapon: knives, medical instruments.

Ability: Hes very flexible and he took acrobatic/gymnastic classes as a child (his parents entertained to idea of him being a member of the circus) and he still is very fast and slippery today, though he has no real hand to hand fighting ability.

Weaknesses: His eyes and skin are sensitive to sun. He hates dogs and vice versa, thing can get him into trouble. He has no real strength even though hes a vampire; he usually uses weapons or his speed to fight.

Background: He grew up fairly normally, though he was an eccentric and naive kid. When he was 20, he was awakened as a vampire and he grew for only a short time after that, though hes stopped. He likes his newfound life, because he was always odd (and felt at odds) in his life as a human. He got a job as a black market doctor at the age of 22 because he was a genius when it cam to the human body and his love of medicine helped him alot. Though he had the skills to be a professional, he felt that the underworld paid better, and his patients were always more interesting. He started learning how to fight afte incident, and has felt that weird things always happen to him. Hes also realized that he does enjoy fighting.

Habits: Poking around when he shouldn't, getting into others business.

Likes: cats, books, medical journals, leather, doughnuts, coffee, and the night.
Dislikes: The sunlight, humid weather, fist fights, and spicey food.

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