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Post  Emna on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:30 pm

Hello and welcome to Blue Birds, Gray Skys! We hope for everyone to have fun and relax here, but we need to post these rules in order to, well, keep order. So without further ado, here are the forum's rules, which everyone is to follow and respect:

1). No racism, sexism, homophobia, or hateful comments. Be civil!!!!!!!
This goes without saying. People are expected to at least be civil to other members. If you are being outright mean/cruel for no reason or due to your own warped sense of superiority/hate over a gender/race/or sexual orientation in a public forum, then you will be infracted.

2). No Distracting/'Pity-Problems' Staff
Please do not come to the staff if another member is simply 'annoying' you, there is a fine line between that and harassment, but unless their just goofing off or joking around, do not explode and get a staff member involved in a situation that is not needed. Srsly, just chillz instead of making in srs bsnz, ja?

You can talk to us, but please don't waste our time. Its not cool.

3). No Pornographic images or Links
This goes without saying. Children might look at this site, and we are not ones for shattering a seven-year-olds innocence, thank you.

4). No Plagiarism
If your caught using someone else's material or idea, you will get banned for several days or weeks (depending on how much you stole). This does not mean you cannot do shout outs, simply, do not copy'n'paste someone's writing word for word. Not cool, man.

5). Good Grammar/Spelling
Since this is a mainly an Roleplaying and discussion site, we ask you all to re-read and look over your posts before posting (especially for Roleplay). Its not fun having to sit there and go " . . . .WHAT did you just type O_o;;".

6). No Double accounts
This REALLY goes without saying.

7). Post a Warning if your post or thread has heavy violence, torture, or sexual content.
Simply put a spoiler tag on the criteria mentioned above OR put the warning in the first post of the thread. Although we do allow sexual interactions throughout Roleplays, we ask that you atleast contribute this to the plot and/or character development. The same with Torture, please, nailscrews and blood on the walls in some psychopath's cellar is nice and all, but make it so that if your character survives....hes an emotional wreck or psychopath afterwards.

8). No Mary/Gray/Lary Stus, Please!!!!!
Please we like characters who are well-rounded and not-at-all perfect. Any sue's that are found will be deleted with a PM to the member. We also ask that when you make an Original Character (OC) that you try to put as much detail as you'd prefer into it, it makes for a better character and Roleplay in general, though not an actual rule.

10). Respect Other's religions!!!!!
Everyone follows their own religion, so do unto others what done unto you and respect their religious beliefs, even if you don't agree with them!

Alright then! I'm done, please follow the rules as best you can and have fun~!

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