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Post  Rune on Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:36 am

Name: Tyrir King Breaker

Age: 19

Race: Human

Personality/Ideals: Tyrir is a genius. He can get carried away very easily and likes showing off. He respects some people though and will show it. He tends to lecture people a lot.

Family/Relationships: Grim (best friend)

Weapon: Anything he feels like using (usually fists)

Ability: Periodic Table

Weaknesses: Morons

Background: Tyrir was born in Chicago and his mother was the only one there for him. When he was nine, his mother was killed in a church by a loan shark wanting his money back. Upon seeing his mother die before him, Tyrir snapped and destroyed the church and killed everyone inside. Afterwards, Tyrir was found by a government science group designing the perfect human body. Tyrir was subjected to experiments until he escaped. He wandered till he was found and taken in by Zyra. Tyrir met Grim, another orphan under Zyra's wing then and failed a lot at having a conversation with Grim.

Habits: Talking to flames

Likes: Science
Dislikes: Morons

Other: Tyrir is not psychotic or crazy. He's just too smart for his own good.


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