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Post  Emna on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:48 pm

Name: Cynthia-Mary Joan.

Age: 22

Race: No one really knows, but some theorize that shes a manifestation of some sort of cat goddess or ancient deity (most likely her friends and foes think Bast, due to her cat like qualities and her fighting ability and her war-like behavior.) So in a way, shes very much human, but can do magic and turn into a white cat. Magician. French-Swedish.


Cynthia Blair-Souleater

Personality/Ideals: Shes a quite kind of person, whose aura speaks volumes while she says nothing. its not thats shes stotic or anything, just perfering to listen and give her opinion afterwards, but shes just as likely to do something outrageous or weird as the next crazy that she calls friends. Cynthia does have a tendency to befriend strange people (such as AJ, whom she secretly adores because they look so much alike its scary). Shes pretty laid back and flirty, and like A.J. is excedding lonely and unhappy with her lot in life.

Family/Relationships: None.

Weapon: none.

Ability: Able to write magic stanzas in the air (and on other things) that explode. That and her freakish brute strength, she really is a force of nature.

Weaknesses: When cats are around she crumbles in squees of joy, and can't attack anything that looks like a cat. Her words are rendered useless when water is splashed on them, and their next to useless in humidity. Shes deeply afraid of water and dosn't know how to swim.

Background: She grew up in the streets on Paris since she was young, and was taken in by a (perverted) old magician and trained as his disciple. He passed away when she was around 14 but she self taught herself and became a full fledged magician at 18 (which was usual). She met A.J. soon afterwards, and immediately liked her alot, and from then on they've been best friends, people call them 'twins joined at the hip' when their together.

Habits: scratching up furniture.

Likes: sunny places, ice cream, old things, fighting.
Dislikes: cloths, loud people/things

Other: she, like A.J. has a verbal tick of "Meh."

(cause i like to be a lazy troll) :DDD *shot*

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