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Race: Vampire

Appearance: Shes albino, with a princess doll haircut. Her hair is poker straight, and shes pretty short, but she radiates charisma.

Personality/Ideals: Shes got a personality similar to Jack's, but shes more serious. Shes also got way more of a temper then him, having a reputation when she was younger in the undead and human communities for being hot blooded and foul mouthed, though Jack seems to cool that down. His goofy and well intentioned nature is what attracts her to him so much, so their a couple that are very much devoted to each other, Jack finding things in her that he admires as well.

Family/Relationships: married to Jack

Weapon: none

Ability: she has the ability to see peoples trueselves.

Weaknesses: Harsh light, the sun, etc.

Background: n/a

Likes:Jack, coffee, cooking
Dislikes: Sun, big groups of people, really the list oges on and on, but i'll go into that later....

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