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Post  Rune on Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:33 am

No, not that yuri.


Name: Yuri Yakiyama

Age: 19

Race: Human (Japanese)

Personality/Ideals: Yuri is manipulative, sly, and calculated. She's like Game, but craftier and less crazy.

Family/Relationships: Game Yakiyama

Weapon: Fists and Feet

Ability: Can profile people on sight

Weaknesses: Girls

Background: Yuri was "kidnapped" by Game when Game was given a job to. Her father at the time was responsible for the job because the father's friend wanted Yuri. Game tricked the father and his friend into an auction for Yuri, and unknown to the father and his friend, Kyle won it by using silent auction signals. Game, after killing Yuri's father and his friend, gave Yuri her name and took her in as his adopted sister.

Habits: Flirting with girls to belittle their boyfriends

Likes: Girls and Game
Dislikes: Idiots

Other: After being raised by Game, Yuri's personality went from sweet and gentle to sly and rough. Game takes all the blame for that happily. Yuri's a born genius with a higher IQ than both Game and Kyle combined.


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