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Post  Emna on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:32 pm

Name: Lacie Blackwell

Age: 15 years old

Birthday: March ninth

Race: Human. part of the Blackwell Corporation. Exorcists. German.Caucasian.

Appearance: She has short, curly black hair with bangs, and thick-lashed, dark gray eyes. Delicately built, a little flat chested.

Personality/Ideals: Shes very stubborn. Lacie often comes off as silly and unconcerned about alot fo things, but really shes plotting a way to kill you. I'm serious. Shes actually quite batshit insane when she wants to, though she keeps it under control most of the time. Shes kind, but inconsiderate of others and their needs or feelings. She manipulative, but likes to keep things simple. Shes a happy person generally, even if she fakes it. Lacie likes to act cute, though shes really not innocent at all. She doesn't feel emotion like normal people. Shes a sadist.

Family/Relationships: She has two older, twin sisters.

Innocence: Parasitic, "Black Blood"

She has small, black casings around her fingers when they're activated, they're mostly used for stabbing, cutting, and such, so shes a close range fighter. When deactivated, they're just just black stain marks around her hands, something she usually hides with frilly gloves and such.

Weaknesses: Shes human, therefore, has all the psychical weaknesses of a human.

Background: The only thing thats known about her past is that when she was growing up she showed weak mental status (also showing signs of several mental illnesses) and that after her parents -who were murdered infront of her - her mental state worsened. (the rest is not available)

Habits: Picks at flowers, whistles when shes nervous or bored.

Likes: Flowers, sunshine, being outside, food, cats, cute things, and fiction books.
Dislikes: the dark, dogs, being inside for too long of a time, strong smells of any kind, filthy places.

Other: Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland, and is nicknamed the "Mad Hatter" for the reason that hes her favorite character, among other similarities. not cool She owns a few stokes in her families company, but this is mostly due to her late parents finical supervisor dealing with it.

Name:Pagen White

Age: 18

Birthday: August twenty third

Race: Human, British-Russian-French Eurasian.

Appearance: She has a round quite little girlish-face, with sharp brown eyes - fringed with thick, but not long black eyelashes - and brown hair thats often kept up in a bun. She looks very stern and calm, though she is emotional, don't let her blank face fool you.

5'5 ft tall

weight: 137 pds.

Personality/Ideals: She likes quite places, and people. She loves kids, and wants to be a school teacher or mother one day. Shes very none expressive and quite; you can't really tell what shes thinking. She does like to talk, and
however. Pagen's extremely reckless at times. Shes not quick to anger.

Family/Relationships: She has six sisters that look very much like her.

Weapon: her partner.

Weaknesses: Not having her partner with her, shes extremely allergic to cats. Shes human, therefore, has human weaknesses.

Background: Not available

Habits: randomly cleaning, biting on her nails, scolding people like shes their mother.

Likes: Clean, warm places, vegetables, gardening, reading, some music, but shes very picky.
Dislikes: Dirty places, loud people, most animals except for kittens and short haird cats.

Name: Avi Leerman

Age: 17 years old

Birthday: March seventeenth

Race: Human - British, American - 'Black' Irish. Exorcist.

Appearance: She has very short black hair and large very dark gray eyes. A tall, lean frame. Sometimes her eyes will overshadow her cheek bones. She had high, thing features. A healthy tan.

Weight: 140 pds.

Height: 5'7 ft.

Personality/Ideals: Avi comes off as an arrogant and - depending on who it is - stand-offish or flirtatious person. Shes often prone to slacking off on her duties, and would rather goof around and (sometimes) annoy her superiors on purpose, even if she has no real problem with the task at hand. She has a flirtatious nature, and slightly perverted, but actually very innocent herself. Despite this playful and rebellious nature, shes very caring and inwardly quite. She has a short temper (though not really 'short' simply having bad berserk buttons), and sometimes snaps, breaking things and sometimes people. Shes silver-tongued. She can be very manipulative. Although shes quite girly at times, she likes to wear pants most of the time, only wear skirts and dresses when shes made too. She find most womens cloths to be too flashy and restricting.
*her personality is hard to describe.

Family/Relationships: Her mother was a prostitute, she didn't know her biological father. When she was five her mother killed herself, and she had to live at a orphanage for most of her life up until it was discovered she was an accommodator at age eleven. She has an adopted father and wishes to see him one day, probably the only adult she really loves.

Weapon: 'The Devil's Pitchfork' A bronze, three pronged trident. It has the ability to sweep up winds up to 60 miles per hour (by, guess how? swinging it) its mostly used in the traditional way though (e.i. stabbing).

Ability: She knows how to street fight pretty well, her and her friends would always get into fights with other kids.

Weaknesses: She broke her right leg when she was little, it never healed properly. Shes allergic to chocolate.

Background: She grew up in New Orleans as a little girl, her mother a prostitute, she lived in the poor part of New Orleans until she was seven, when her mother committed suicide. From then on, she had shortly lived with a neighbor, then passed onto an orphanage, where she lived up until she was eleven. She was sometimes bullied for her skinny build, and didn't like the other childern. the owner of the orphanage did pity the childern, but favored her, he had taught her how to swim (and activity she still loves) and often took her on walks among the nicer parts of town, something she was quite shy about, but she grew to love him like a father, and she picked up alot of her mannerisms and some of her personality traits and interests from him (his name was Laurence Jaden), including her love of the city and architecture. He had actually adopted her when she was eleven, but in that same year, when he had been hosting a dinner party for some of his friends from the Black Order (he had been a supporter) a newly retrieved innocence that his friend had had reacted to the presence of Avi, and it was discovered she was an accomendator. She didn't want to leave him, but he had told her that it was her duty, so she reluctantly agreed. She still resents the Order for taking away the little family she had, but she holds no real hatred.
Habits: She bites on her nails and pencil heads, and picks at peices of loose paper and grass. She'll scratch her neck when shes nervous.

Likes: Like some candy, the ocean, most food (shes not picky), and reading fiction, fall and the summer, and she loves to swim and nice, hot places.

Dislikes:She hates chocolate, writing, thunder, cold places, and heavy cloths.

Other: She somtimes likes to be called 'Orleans' since thats her middle name and where she grew up. She has a strong love for the city, despite her hard life growing up in it. Has a southern twang and sometimes has the mannerism of a southern gentlemen, something that kept her from getting adopted - no one wanted a rebellious tomboy.

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